Acupuncture Needles, Cosmetic Acupuncture Description-In Kuwait , Australia , Canada , India


Do you love the ever popular J-Type plastic colour coded needles?

For some time now, these extremely admired and high in demand needle products have had a high price tag attached to them for as long as its been available in Australia. Well NeedlePro Australia is here to break the high price tradition and allow practitioners to enjoy using their favourite J-Type needle at an UNBEATABLE price that will set a new standard.

With high performance, smoothness and versatility, these needles are manufactured by the largest manufacturer in Asia and come with excellent attributes:

High tech moulding technology
Fusion bonded handles by ultrasonic technology
Surgical stainless steel wire from Germany or Japan
Automated machine-grinded needle tips to keep 100% conformity
Single hand operation

Available in two sizes:
0.12mm x 15mm
0.16mm x 15mm

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