Neonatal Total Body Cooling System

Total Body Cooling for babies suffering from Hypoxic Ischaemic Encelphalopathy (HIE) after Birth Asphyxia has become more common in recent years especially following the publication of major studies. The original Tecotherm was used in studies in Europe that showed successful outcomes for certain babies. Now building on from that success, the Tecotherm Neo has been launched that takes Total Body Cooling to the next level.



The new Servo Controlled design has instant feedback monitoring the baby’s temperature every second and making minute changes to the cooling fluid to ensure that the baby’s temperature remains stable. Simple alarms are on hand should the temperature deviate more than 0.5°C from the set temperature. The large colour
display shows the temperature clearly and colour changes highlight nursing staff to any problem.

• 3 modes of operation for maximum flexibility
• Data storage allows for simple analysis of temperature profiles
• Large colour screen is easy to see across the room
• Bench-top mountable for space saving
• Small / Lightweight portable device
• Re-starts from the same settings in the event of a power failure
• Internal battery to save settings
• USB output
• Optional use of skin probes