Surgican Emergency Medical Equipment Gentrex Kuwait-India-kerala

A specialty exporter and distributor of emergency medical equipment, supplies and product expertise for Doctors, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals who provide pre-hospital, emergency care, including First Responders, EMTs and Paramedics. please find some types of manikins and medical training items below :-
Crisis Manikin,Immobilization,Trauma Manikins,Infant Manikins,IO Manikin & Needle,Lumbar Puncture,Full Body Manikin,ALS Manikin,Patient Care Manikin,Cervical Collar,Mannequin…some of our world famous brand below

  • Little Anne (adult CPR Manikin) – Laerdal
  • Prestan Professional Adult Medium Skin CPR-AED Training Manikin (with CPR Monitor)
  • Life/form® CPARLENE® Full Manikin with Memory and Printer – Light
  • Resusci Anne® SkillReporter™
  • Life/Form® GERi™ Complete Nursing Skills Manikin
  • Life/Form® Advanced KERi™ Manikin
  • Life/Form® Basic KERi™ Manikin Without Carry Case
  • Susie/simon® Hospital Training Manikin With Ostomy
  • Simple Susie® Hospital Training Manikin – Light Skin

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