Surgican Medical Gloves

Our Products

We manufacture varieties of Nitrile Examination gloves , Latex Examination Gloves and Latex Surgical Gloves  from 100% pure latex specially for surgical and medical use  

Items :


  • Pre Powdered Sterile Surgical Gloves
  • Powder free Sterile Surgical Gloves
  • Pre Powdered Non Sterile Surgical Gloves
  • Powder free Non Sterile Surgical Gloves
  • Powder free nitrile examination blue gloves
  • Pre powdered Latex examination Gloves
  • Powder free Latex Examination Gloves.
  • Pre powdered Latex Examination Gloves 280mm
  • Powder free Latex Examination Gloves 280mm


Examination Gloves Nitrile and Latex

100 pcs in dispenser box – 10 boxes in a carton (1000 pcs)

Surgical Gloves

One Pair will be walletted in poster paper and the same will be pouched in Peel open / Tear Open

Pouches – 50 pairs in inner box / 10 boxes in one carton (500 pairs)